Palermo, agreement between the University and Oracle Italia to promote innovation and digital reskilling

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Today, in the Carapezza hall of the University of Palermoa collaboration agreement was signed between the University of Palermo, one of the largest Italian universities in the Center-South (and among the top 20 nationally) and Oracle Italy.
The University and the Italian branch of the multinational, which is among the first technology and cloud companies in the world, will join forces to promote digital innovation and the new frontiers of continuing education to students, with the aim of also involve local realities who intend in the future to undertake processes of requalification or updating of skills.

The agreement signed today by the Rector of the University of Palermo, prof.
Massimo Midiriand by the VP and Country Manager of Oracle Italia, Alessandro Ippolito, fits right into this picture.
The intention is to study initiatives to support basic and applied research; launch and / or consolidate the application of Oracle’s leading technologies in the areas of cloud computing, innovative application development, data science and big data analytics; create opportunities for technology transfer towards institutions and companies of solutions developed in partnership.

Particular attention will also be paid to the issue of training, not only for the benefit of students enrolled in study courses at the University of Palermo, who will be able to integrate existing curricular paths with innovative contents and tools, but also for the benefit of continuing education.
with the activation of courses aimed at reskilling or upskilling people who have already graduated and who want to seize new opportunities.

“The University of Palermo has undertaken, among others, a path strongly oriented towards the establishment of strong collaborative relationships with companies of international standing, peaks of excellence in technological innovation worldwide.
We are confident that the collaboration we are inaugurating with Oracle can bring concrete results to the benefit not only of our students and researchers but also of the entire Sicilian production fabric, thus contributing to the development of new and advanced skills capable of increasing the competitiveness of the company.
‘entire Mediterranean basin’, declared the Rector Prof.
Massimo Midiri.

Similar expectations also emerged from the words of the VP and Country Manager of Oracle Italy, Alessandro Ippolito: “The relationships between Oracle and the world of universities and research are strong and long-standing: in these collaborations we find the opportunity to develop innovation together and to contribute to a broader mission, both formative and transformative of the economy of the territories and of the entire country.
Today we face major challenges in which digitization plays a strategic role.
We are sure that the collaboration with the University of Palermo will be fertile with initiatives and possibilities “.

At the conclusion of the meeting for the signing of the collaboration, both representatives of the two prestigious realities expressed the hope that the agreement will also have a positive effect on the efforts that both Oracle and the University are making for the realization of value interventions on PNRR resources.


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