Palermo: Agreement between cyber police and hospitals for patient data security

In Palermo, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between the postal police and the Villa Sofia-Cervello hospital to prevent and combat cybercrime and protect information systems. The main goals of the agreement include safeguarding sensitive health data and ensuring the continuity of health services for the community. The collaboration involves sharing and analyzing information to prevent cyber-attacks, reporting system vulnerabilities, and developing communication activities to address emergency situations. The agreement was signed by the head of the Palermo postal police center and the commissioner of the hospital. Both emphasized the importance of cybersecurity in the healthcare sector and the need to adopt robust measures to protect sensitive data and ensure operational continuity in the face of evolving digital threats. They also committed to transparency in communicating security breaches and working with authorities to mitigate impacts and protect the interests of patients and the community.

Palermo, accordo tra la polizia postale e gli ospedali Villa Sofia e Cervello per la sicurezza dei dati sensibili dei pazienti

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