Palermo, after the car accident damages the Cervello emergency room

Last night the husband of a patient smashed the door of the Cervello hospital emergency room and threatened the security guards. The man, a 35-year-old Palermo victim of an accident with his wife, had been transported to the Villa Sofia hospital for some checks. Resigned, he went to the Brain to make sure of the conditions of his wife who also arrived in green code. Waiting times yesterday in the emergency room had been very long due to five red codes.

Impatient for waiting, the man destroyed the entrance door. He was blocked by two security guards who had to face him. Soon after, the police officers arrived and reported him. «What happened shows that there is a problem of staff shortages in the emergency rooms and that much needs to be done – says Giuseppe Forte, commissioner of Fials Palermo – These behaviors must be condemned without any justification, often even for the security guards it is difficult to intervene being in lower numbers than users who become the protagonists of vandalism. Like Fials, we are ready to collaborate with the councilorship to find solutions that can guarantee the safety of patients and all healthcare workers”.

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