Palermo, adopted as a child, now seeks biological mother: “Help me find her”

Silvana Occhino discovered she was adopted when she was young and has spent the following years searching for her biological parents. After a series of unsuccessful attempts, she decided to write to the mayor of Menfi, the town her mother was originally from. Now 67 years old, Silvana is asking for help in making her story public by posting an appeal on social media. She was born in Palermo in the home of a midwife. Her mother, who was a minor at the time, was forced by her family to abandon her to avoid disgrace. Silvana shares her story on Facebook, including a photo in case her mother recognizes her. She explains that she was given the surname Cupido until the age of 3, when she acquired her adoptive father’s surname. Silvana’s aunt told her that her mother was locked in the same room where she gave birth and was not allowed to hold her for even a few seconds. Her mother tried to visit the house where Silvana was living during her first few months of life but was unsuccessful. Silvana’s adoptive parents were apprehensive about her mother taking her back, so they threatened to involve the police, leading her mother to promise to disappear. During her pregnancy, Silvana’s mother stayed with an aunt who had a shop selling bags and suitcases in Palermo, near the Teatro Massimo.

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