Palermo, a former bureaucrat, wins a lawsuit with the Municipality: he will get 140 thousand euros

He had stipulated a fixed-term contract of less than 36 months with the mayor, but a sentence of the Supreme Court proved him right

The judge of the labor section Cinzia Soffientini sentenced the Municipality of Palermo to compensate the former construction manager Mario Li Castri with 140 thousand euros. The fee decided by the judge in fact concerns a period of about one year, in which the architect, despite “having a fiduciary contract signed by the mayor Leoluca Orlando, would not have worked for the municipality”.

The decision of the labor judge dates back to the end of 2019 and has now become final. The ruling proved the architect right, who is no longer in service for the Municipality of Palermo. Li Castri had chaired the jury of some projects. The court ruled that his contract – stipulated on 31 August 2015 and extended with union decisions – should have had a minimum duration of 36 months while for other reasons it would have ceased in 2017. After two years, the renewal was no longer triggered. Li Castri has unearthed the sentence of the Supreme Court which instead states that fixed-term contracts cannot have a duration of less than three years despite the rule that regulates them instead provides that they cannot exceed 36 months.

The court agrees with Li Castri and the sentence is not challenged by the lawyer and becomes final. Now the City Council can only recognize Li Castri the maxi-sum of 140 thousand euros for a job he did not do: at that time he was an official for a period including part-time. The former executive Li Castri was involved in other legal matters: he was sentenced in the first instance in March 2018 for the alleged illegal subdivision in via Miseno in Mondello and is currently on trial for the alleged round of bribes to the building department private of the municipality of Palermo.


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