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Palermo, a € 15 million “piece” to solve the cemeteries emergency

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The municipal administration has remodeled the resources initially foreseen for the first lot of the new cemetery of Ciaculli.
Now the focus is on an operational system in a short time

PALERMO – The mayor Leoluca Orlando and the councilor for the Cemeteries Toni Sala have signed a directive to remodel the 15 million euros once allocated for the first lot of the new ciaculli cemetery.
In fact, the directive provides that a first lot will no longer be built but an immediately operational 12.5 million plant.
The rest of the sum will be used to place 1,200 prefabricated niches in the Rolls (2 million) and create the sewer connection (500 thousand euros) which will allow unlock the new crematorium.

Therefore, at least for the moment, the pharaonic 60 million project is over for a new cemetery in the southern area of ​​the city.
A project born with various technical difficulties, in an area subject to constraints within an agricultural park complete with an aquifer (the source of Favara) and moreover with the limit of not being able to exploit the entire available surface of 63 thousand square meters due to the proximity to the border with the municipality of Villabate.
In October 2021, then, came the pickaxe of the regional council which canceled an allocation of 15 million from the development and cohesion fund that the Ars Budget Commission had earmarked for the Ciaculli plant.

“The municipal administration – the governor Nello Musumeci attacked at the time – still does not have an executive or definitive project and therefore cannot be built on site”.
The councilors for urban redevelopment Maria Prestigiacomo and Sergio Marino budget, however, did not break down: “We will do it alone”, was the substance of their reply.

“We are sorry to read that the project for the Ciaculli cemetery – they said in a joint note – has been definitively eliminated from the FSC funds and that a further 15 million loan for the city of Palermo has been skipped.
What consoles us is that, having already a municipal funding in progress and not hoping for the remodeling of the Region, we have had the offices remodel the project to build a cemetery in Ciaculli with five thousand places for burials and almost two thousand places for burials, one chapel, a crematorium, a warehouse and the internal roads to the cemetery.
As soon as the final project is ready we will make an integrated contract “.

Well, six months later we are: the directive sets aside the mega plant in Ciaculli for one that is more immediately feasible and aims to put an end to one of the many unfinished ones that have emerged since the emergency exploded: the lack of a specific sewer connection to the Rolls for special waste.
The design process began in June 2017, when the work was included in the annual list of the three-year plan, that is, that of the works that can be immediately set up.

“An error”, according to what asserted in the City Council, in January of last year, the Rup Gabriella Minaudo: “When I received the assignment – he explained to the Chamber – there was no time to carry out the entire project because it was necessary to identify the contractor by the end of the year, carry out geognostic investigations, proceed with the preliminary, definitive and executive design and with the acquisition of technical opinions and finally call the tender and award it “.
For this reason, inserting the work in the annual list in 2017 “was a mistake: there was only a feasibility study”.

In the end, “the financing was lost – remembered Minaudo – and in the following years we no longer had any financing and consequently we were no longer able to proceed.
To date, the project is still at a standstill in the feasibility study and since we have to entrust the task to an external professional, as long as there are no funds we cannot compete for the design “.

Now, finally, the process can start again and, once the sewerage is completed, a second crematorium can be built able to make up for the shortcomings of the existing one, now obsolete and continuously broken.
“The goal – commented Sala – is to continue combining short and long-term interventions that allow us to face the emergency immediately and to lay the foundations so that it will not repeat itself in the coming years.
Instead of building a first lot in Ciaculli, which would mostly include common services, parking lots and only a first group of chapels and mural niches, we will instead focus on the construction of a complete system and with a prevalence of places for burial, equal to five thousand, which today, however, they are extremely lacking.
At the same time, with a residual of the loan, we will unlock the authorization processes for the construction of both the new crematorium, currently stopped because the ASP has contested the lack of a sewer connection, and the 1,200 prefabricated niches.
Increasing the offer of burials for inhumation and cremations is essential to definitively overcome the emergency “.

Existing cemeteries cannot be expanded – added the commissioner – e the need for a new plant is now urgent: the pandemic has increased the mortality rate while the resulting crisis has increased the demand for the cheapest burials for inhumation, chosen by 60% of families.
Meanwhile, the activities of the other measures of the time schedule are proceeding, to the Scrolls, the location of the 424 temporary nichesthe construction of the burial camp 473 with 198 places, the burying of the hypogea in the former perennial concessions for another 172 places, the maintenance of the tombs owned by the Administration which will make it possible to find a further 150 places “.