Palermo, 8 years in prison for the mister financier who abused children

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The defendant was a coach in a club.
Trapped by video cameras


PALERMO – Eight years in prison, already served by a third as required by the abbreviated rite.
The judge for the preliminary hearing Ermelinda Marfia sentenced the financier Gianfranco Cascone.

The prosecutor Giorgia Righi had asked for 10 years and eight months for the brigadier accused of sexually abusing nine children who played soccer on a campus of Acqua dei Corsari.

The accused was the “coach” of a football school.
The investigation of the mobile team had started with the complaint of two victims and the alleged violence had also been recorded live by the agents, so much so that on August 12 last year they intervened to arrest the accused.

The coach, according to the kids’ story, would have masked the abuses by making them pass for games.
Games that also took place in an inflatable pool inside the club.
The alleged victims are between 9 and 11 years old and were assisted, together with their family members in the trial, by the lawyers Francesco Paolo Sanfilippo, Maria Laura Lima and Claudia Corrao.

“Now I sleep with my mom because I haven’t been able to sleep alone since that thing happened to me,” thus began the dramatic story of one of the children.
“I came here to tell you about the things the coach did to me,” he added.
The cameras frame Cascone, who is 54 years old.

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