Palermo: 4 cars on fire in Brancaccio, 2 owners have police relatives

Four cars were damaged by flames last night in the Brancaccio district of Palermo. The owners of two of the cars are related to men in law enforcement, one of whom is a sergeant in the carabinieri. It is believed that the flames originated from these two vehicles and then spread to the other two parked nearby. The incident occurred on Via Conte Federico, and the fire department was alerted around 4 am. The carabinieri and the fire department, including the Nbcr (nuclear, biological, chemical and radioactive) team, responded and initiated investigations. They are currently conducting checks to determine the cause of the fire, but no obvious ignition traces have been found. The Nbcr will evaluate whether there are traces of flammable liquid at the site using their equipment.

Palermo, 4 auto in fiamme a Brancaccio: due dei proprietari hanno parenti fra le forze dell’ordine

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