Palermo, 33 years ago the Barbera massacre: a laurel wreath was laid for the 5 dead workers

33 years after that August 30, 1989, in which the grandstand – under construction – of the Barbera stadium collapsed, taking the lives of five workers, CGIL Palermo and Fillea CGIL return to the scene of the accident to lay a laurel wreath and make it active memory.

Antonino Cusimano, Serafino Tusa, Giovanni Carollo, Giuseppe Rosone and Gaetano Palmeri were between 28 and 31 years old when the grandstand, under construction for the 1990 World Cup, overwhelmed them. They died on the job, crushed alive by tons of iron and steel. “It was an announced tragedy – explains to the microphones of Totò Alaima, general secretary of Fillea CGIL between the years 82-91 -. The World Cup appointment became a necessity, but haste is not compatible with safety. We had reported to the labor inspector the non-compliance with the safety regulations on the construction site. These workers were harnessed in the pylons and not inside a basket that would have guaranteed functional autonomy and at the same time their safety “.

The only survivor of the accident, the crane operator, Giovan Battista Inguglia – now 76 years old, then a young 43-year-old worker – who saw before his eyes the death of his colleagues engaged in the expansion works of the Favorita stadium.

“What happened 33 years ago, and what still happens today in the Palermo construction sites – declare the general secretary CGIL Palermo Mario Ridulfo and the general secretary Fillea Cgil Palermo Piero Ceraulo – obliges us to face unequivocally the issue of safety in the workplace and the conditions in which Palermo builders operate. Too many deaths, too many irregularities have emerged in recent years, with real war bulletins ”. According to the data provided by Inail, and revised by the Vega Engineering Observatory, Sicily is in ninth place among the Italian regions with 22 fatal injuries in the first half of this year, with an incidence, on national numbers, of 6.4 per cent.

The same number of deaths in the first half of 2021 has been confirmed but with a much higher incidence rate on national cases (which at the time was still at 5 percent).

“Palermo is in 71st place, with three deaths but with a mortality rate of 9.4 per cent – add Ridulfo and Ceraulo -. Unfortunately, the figure for fatal accidents continues to remain unchanged and working conditions continue to deteriorate. The CGIL already 33 years ago denounced, in reference to the massacre of the Stadium, the mechanism according to which profit becomes the precondition of work, to the detriment of safety regulations, which have a significant impact on the economic level. Today, unfortunately, in most cases, the mechanism has not changed, indeed it has become even more acute, especially since the government introduced building bonuses, which dictated times and methods, leading to a crazy race among companies, some set up for hoc, to grab large slices of money “. Also present at the commemoration was the general manager of Palermo football, Giovanni Gardini, accompanied by his staff.

In the video the interviews with Totò Alamia, Fillea general secretary in the years 82-91; Pietro Ceraulo, general secretary Fillea Cgil Palermo; Giovanni Gardini, general manager of Palermo football.

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