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Palermo 2022, Rita Barbera: “Enough with the swing of nominations”

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In Palermo the itches that stir the center-left and center-right sides have not yet subsided.
Once again the parties show little interest in the city and much propensity for the intrigues of the Palace.
It is no coincidence that we are witnessing casual passages of the field, as the candidate Faraone was able to declare, who announced that his political positioning is slipping from left to right, and to a real poltronificio bartering, already now, the candidacies of the next regional elections with those of the upcoming administrative elections.
The shattered center-right finds itself with five candidates, one for each party, forced to rush to Rome in search of a unitary solution that will however have the taste and smell of Roman power palaces.

“Palermo is tired – said Rita Barbera – of being enslaved to political and power games that have nothing to do with the concept of city administration”.

Palermo is experiencing a lack of economic development, a poor quality of life, we remember the 94th place that “Il Sole 24 ore” gave us a few months ago, with little security.

“We need to revolutionize the very concept of politics.
A new way, therefore, of thinking about a politics made up of daily work, commitment and good administration – continues Rita Barbera – Change must also go through alternative ways and also go on its own, addressing directly to citizens who are tired and disheartened by politics.
traditional, it can be a winner.
Civic movements respond to the requests that people make for transparency in their choices, to find answers to needs and therefore to the common good “.