Palermo 2022, Miceli brings together the parties but the puzzle lists remain

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PALERMO – It was supposed to be Franco Miceli’s first official meeting with the center-left parties that will support him in the race for mayor of Palermo, but more than a political summit, that of the Gramsci institute was a cross between a political meeting and a presentation official.
Almost a hundred national and regional deputies, city councilors, party secretaries, possible candidates and simple supporters, as well as journalists, who crowded the hall of the Cantieri della Zisa to launch the sprint at Palazzo delle Aquile.

Franco Miceli

Orlando grande absent

The great absentee is Leoluca Orlando, represented by deputy Fabio Giambrone, but otherwise there are all: the national parliamentarians Adriano Varrica and Carmelo Miceli, the regional ones Giampiero Trizzino, Antonello Cracolici, Giuseppe Lupo and Roberta Schillaci, the commissioner Toni Sala, the provincial secretary of the Pd Rosario Filoramo, the left of Giusto Catania, Vincenzo Fumetta, Ninni Terminelli and Barbara Evola, the “former” candidates for mayor Mariangela Di Gangi and Alberto Mangano, the councilors Rosario Arcoleo, Valentina Chinnici, Milena Gentile, Massimo Giaconia , Antonino Randazzo and Viviana Lo Monaco, the dem minority of Antonio Rubino and Fabio Teresi, the area headed by Claudio Fava.

All around Miceli

A parterre gathered around Miceli who in the afternoon, with a press release, had already launched his idea of ​​a pact for the city as well as identifying some priorities: the metropolitan dimension, the problem of the cemetery, the tram, the accounts of the Municipality.
The real theme, however, remains undetected and is that of the discontinuity with Leoluca Orlando: the legacy of the Professor has become a battleground between those who defend it with the sword, such as the Orlandians and the left, and those who instead want to distance themselves as the M5s and partly also the Democratic Party.
It will be up to Miceli to find a difficult mediation, with Orlando who in his note of support to the President of the Architects did not fail to underline the need to “forcefully resume the path traced in the last ten years”; a not too veiled thrust against Giuseppe Conte and Francesco Boccia and which inevitably feeds the tensions in a coalition that today finds itself compact, but which until a few days ago was hostage to crossed vetoes and internal rifts within the parties.
Even those who didn’t want Miceli now seem enthusiastic.
Water under the bridge, according to what we saw today, or perhaps dust hidden under the carpet awaiting the electoral outcome, after which to settle the scores.

The lists node

However, the meeting is also an opportunity to address the other issue, namely that of the lists.
At the moment there are four certainty: Pd, M5s, the common Left and that of the candidate for mayor which, however, may not be enough; hence the idea, put forward by Giusto Catania, of a wing “that brings together social and civic forces”.
A veiled reference to the “civics” that could instead flow into the Miceli plank.
Giambrone goes even further, asking to do more than one: “In 2017 our civics collected over 20% of the votes, why give it up?”.
Not that the Orlandians have the slightest intention of making it, their own list: the no to the primary and the tensions about discontinuity have convinced the Professor not to apply, despite the requests, as well as not to present his own symbol.
Giambrone has not yet dissolved the reserve, but if he runs for Palazzo delle Aquile he will only do it in the Democratic Party.
“However, coordination of the lists is necessary”, adds the deputy mayor who also asks to try to involve Rita Barbera, the only one on the left left in the lonely race.

Ballot goal

Beyond the announcements, the parties are dealing with the possible results: it is not yet clear what will happen on the right, but the hope of the center-left is to go over 30% by playing the ballot.
A goal possible only with an adequate number of symbols to be placed on the ballot paper.
Miceli listens to the interventions, takes notes but in the meantime the Cantieri are also discussing candidates for the Sala della Lapidi.
Boccia’s appeal to the “drop” of the big names found Carmelo Miceli willing, while Giuseppe Lupo merely said “to be at the party’s disposal”; Cracolici’s no is categorical.
The dem will be able to count on the outgoing Arcoleo, Gentile and Sala, in addition to the president of the Quinta Fabio Teresi, Valerio Bordonaro, councilor Paolo Petralia.
The situation among the grillini is more uncertain: excluding the online consultation for the choice of candidates, a regulation that clarifies the rules is expected.
Certain outgoing players, Trizzino still in the balance.
On the left will run Giusto Catania, Mariella Maggio, Barbara Evola, Ninni Terminelli, Marcello Susinno, Fausto Melluso, Massimo Sgroi, the lawyer Claudia Amato; in altitude Fava, Mariangela Di Gangi and Ottavio Navarra but it is not clear in which list; Alberto Mangano could appear in that of the mayor.

“We must get busy”

The car still started and the goal is to press the foot on the accelerator.
“The moment of the party must be short, you have to get busy”, admonishes Filoramo, echoed by Catania: “You have to win the votes”.
The point is that Miceli, as his big sponsor Cracolici points out, is at a disadvantage at least from the point of view of popularity: “The candidates of the center-right have been on the political scene for years and start with the advantage, we must recover this handicap with a strong proposal.
to the city that divides, to discuss how the recovery of the historic center in 1993.
We aim for the sea and ask the people of Palermo to be there ”.
An appeal to participation that is not only ideal, given that the Democratic Party has launched the idea of ​​a “popular collection” of € 10 each to support Miceli: “A way to make the financial aspect of the campaign transparent”.
And perhaps also not to rely too much on parties.

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