Palermitan killed in Milan after being stopped by vigilantes: no chest fractures

The initial results of the autopsy on Giovanni Sala, the 34-year-old man who died after being restrained by security guards outside the Sky headquarters in Milan, indicate that there were no chest fractures and that he died from cardiac arrest. The autopsy, conducted as part of the investigation into the incident, also revealed that Sala had only large bruises on his face and neck, likely from falling before being restrained by the guards. These findings may lighten the position of the guards, who are being investigated for involuntary manslaughter. However, a complete report from the medical examiner is still needed to determine if the restraint contributed to Sala’s cardiac arrest. Further analysis will also consider Sala’s medical conditions and drug use. Investigators will review surveillance footage and gather testimonies to determine how Sala attempted to enter the Sky headquarters and whether the guards’ actions violated any safety protocols. One guard restrained Sala, while the other guard, also under investigation, was present during the incident.

Il palermitano morto a Milano dopo essere stato bloccato dai vigilantes: nessuna frattura al torace

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