Palazzo d’Orléans reconsiders: saves Ast and Airgest

The president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, has reconsidered his plans to liquidate and stop covering the losses of the public transportation company AST. Instead, the government has decided to provide a new financing of 10 million for 2024 and 5 million for the following two years. In addition, a 4.2 million funding will be allocated to Airgest, the company that manages the Trapani Birgi airport. These measures are included in the new financial plan proposed by the Regional Assessor for Economy, Marco Falcone. This rescue plan entails the immediate allocation of 20 million to AST, with additional measures planned for the future to ensure the company’s continuity. In the case of potential privatization of airports, the government is aiming to keep Airgest afloat by providing a 4.2 million capital increase to address losses incurred due to the pandemic. Despite the challenges posed by European regulations and competition from larger companies, Ast is expected to continue operating with support from the government.

Palazzo d’Orléans ci ripensa: salva Ast e Airgest

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