PalaRescifina, Messina’s second vaccination hub in days

Hypothesis opening on 22 April. Today Meeting with Musumeci

The “Rescifina” sports hall in Messina, with the reception of 5 thousand spectators, receives the approval to become the second Vaccinal Hub, after that of the Cittadella Fieristica. This afternoon a meeting is scheduled between the President of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci and a representation of the Authorities and the competent authorities such as the acting director general of the ASP of Messina – Bernardo Alagna, Bruno Manfrè for Civil Protection Bruno Manfrè and the Commissioner of Covid 19 emergency Alberto Firenze. On this Palermo occasion, the times will be formulated and what to do in order to undertake the adaptation and maintenance works of the system in close proximity, in the current week, will be formulated.

PalaRescifina, the time schedule

All the parties involved reached the square in the late morning of Saturday 3 April to decide on the time schedule of the interventions, for a duration of about 15 days. The structure, with its new sanitary appearance, will be made available to users around 22 April. During the last inspection the day before Easter, in addition to the Healthcare Company with Alagna, Civil Protection with Manfrè and Grazia Rosa Cammaroto and the Commissioner’s Office with Florence, also the municipal councilors with responsibility for the Covid Emergency Dafne Musolino and Francesco Gallo for sport they reiterated their desire to make themselves available by authorizing the use of the spaces.

The interventions

In addition to covering the parquet in the central court on a temporary basis, we will proceed by arranging the toilets and organizing preferential routes for vaccinations. A dozen changing rooms, as Councilor Gallo had anticipated, will be used as warehouses and offices. Not to be missed: areas for info points, bathrooms for health workers, the pharmacy for storing vaccines and further services for citizens. The second existing field designed for the training of basketball and volleyball teams will be able to be equipped as a reception and waiting room in a sheltered route, archiving the inconveniences that arose at the Fair. The people in possession of the reservation will go to this location from the rear of the Palazzetto. After this area, they will record the medical history and undergo the injection of the anti-Covid serum.

The team of specialists

Nothing should be overlooked. There will be a team of psychologists, educators in action especially in the pre – and post vaccine and social workers (also employed for distancing) who will supervise, after the administration, in an observation period, before leaving the main entrance of the “PalaRescifina”. In the surrounding area, the area dedicated to parking opens up. The population will be able to reach this ideal point from the nearby San Filippo motorway junction, avoiding to clog up the vehicular traffic in the area adjacent to the ferries of the Rada San Francesco, in view of the tourist boom. The Municipality is moving with the Rectorate to find alternatives to accommodate two five-a-side football teams, one of which is playing a championship and two / three other volleyball teams that will resume in September.

The inspection of Figliuolo

The first visit to Sicily and Messina on 27 March by General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo – National Commissioner of the Covid Emergency pushed the manager Alagna to have the technical staff carry out an inspection at the “PalaRescifina” to assess the hygienic-sanitary requirements. In these hours, it is General Maurizio Angelo Scardino, with delegation for Sicily for General Figliuolo, to examine the stages of feasibility that leads him to extend his attention throughout the island. The Region and the Ministry of Defense are also doing their part: the latter will field logistics, coordinated by the Government Palace. Figliuolo called for “a choral effort” to open this new Hub with the Mayor Cateno De Luca and the Prefect of Messina Cosima Di Stani.

The rhythms at the fair

“The practice for granting each hub – explains Commissioner Florence – is the free loan from the municipal administration to the ASP to ensure the green light for the Civil Protection”.

If, on the one hand, the 52 workstations located in two pavilions at the Fair are not enough, a further six workstations are being planned to be built to expand the immunization offer.

In the last week, 450 administrations on average per day at the Hub of the Messina Fair, with a program of 500 per day. Vincenzo Picciolo of the ASP manages the Hub of the Fair as manager and also coordinates the “Drive – in” for rapid tampons. The Hub is active from 8 to 20 every day and was also active at Easter and Easter Monday from 8 to 14. Last Saturday, 13 thousand doses of Astrazeneca arrived for Messina and its province, an equally large number is expected tomorrow while on 12 April , for all of Sicily, 109890.

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