Palamara case in Messina, the Pg Barbaro “old and unreliable facts” – Tempo Stretto

The new accusations against Palamara linked to Messina arise from statements already considered unreliable according to the defenders of the former magistrate

“After three years, investigative elements already partially considered unreliable by the same prosecutor were exhumed. We are not even surprised by the period in which these elements were enhanced “, says the lawyer Benedetto Marzocchi Buratti, lawyer of Palamara. “My client certainly did not expect any discount and will have no difficulty in defending himself from these new accusations“.

This is the comment of the defender of the former toga Luca Palamara, dfter theyesterday’s preliminary hearing che saw the Prosecutor of Perugia contesting a new accusation against Palamara, linked to events that also occurred in Messina.

Just yesterday 67 robes wrote to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella asking for immediate intervention, in his role as guarantor of the Constitution, to restore legality in the dynamics relating to the self-management of the Superior Council of the Judiciary. Felice is also among the signatories File, former attorney general in Messina.

Also the Attorney General Vincenzo Barbarian, called into question in the affair by the Aretusian lawyers, in the evening he replied recalling that these were revelations never encountered. Even Barbaro, who is not currently under investigation, underlines the “Strange coincidences”:

“The disclosure of news is clearly non-existent, as can be proven in the competent offices with irrefutable documentary production, as well as with the deposition of all the subjects who for various reasons have dealt with the process. For this reason, I am already announcing adequate judicial initiatives against those responsiblei ”, says the pg Barbaro.

“However, I cannot avoid noting two strange temporal coincidences. The undersigned, in the capacity of Attorney General of Messina, filed an appeal to the Supreme Court against the plea bargaining sentence concerning the co-defendant of the lawyer Amara, namely the lawyer Calafiore, for inadequacy of the sentence; and just tomorrow a delicate process will begin in Reggio Calabria in which the writer is an offended party to multiple crimes of defamation “, concludes the magistrate.