Pachino Vandal Raid: Electrical cables tampered at water plant.

In the past few hours, there was a vandalistic raid in Pachino where the electrical cables that power the water plant were tampered with, causing a short circuit and putting a strain on the water supply. Mayor Carmela Petralito reported the incident, adding to the lack of water in the area. Once again, the citizens are the ones affected, forced to deal with an emergency situation. This happened just when there are many tourists in the area, particularly in Marzamemi. The municipality filed a complaint against unknown individuals, and the police are investigating the incident. It remains to be seen if there are any surveillance systems in the area that could help identify the culprits. Despite the difficult situation, the mayor emphasizes that the civic and moral conscience of the people in Pachino is stronger than those who try to harm the community.

Raid vandalico a Pachino: manomessi i cavi elettrici che alimentano la centrale idrica

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