Paceco. Road works for half a million euros in Dattilo and Nubia

The Scarcella Administration takes stock of all the road safety interventions that are affecting the hamlets of Paceco, with over half a million euros in municipal funds, including works already carried out and upcoming works; moreover, it takes stock of the various urban furniture works, extraordinary maintenance and innovations carried out in Dattilo and Nubia in the last two years, like the attention paid to the urban center.

“The hamlets of Paceco are far from abandoned – reassures the Mayor, Giuseppe Scarcella – and the arrangement of several roads in Nubia and Dattilo, with works contracted out in recent months, has only been postponed pending more favorable weather conditions, because it cannot be paved in the rain; these roads include via Formosa and a stretch of via Licari, in Dattilo, where it has not yet been possible to intervene due to the heavy rains of recent months ».

“I believe it is above all important to solve the problem of water, contaminated due to the infiltrations that have occurred – underlines the mayor of Paceco – and to complete the repairs along the pipeline, to safeguard the quality of the water to be supplied”.

As regards road interventions, a few days ago the replacement of the guard rail was completed in via Gencheria, in Dattilo, and in via Giuseppe Garibaldi in Nubia, in the ambit of a contract that also includes the next reconstruction of the sidewalks in via Stefano Platamone and the implementation of public green in the square of the hamlet with the planting of ornamental plants.

Furthermore, in Nubia, all the road and toponymy signs have been renewed and the tourist signs relating to the accommodation facilities have been placed.

The works for the reconstruction of the asphalt in via Gencheria, via Formosa and via Anita Garibaldi, in Dattilo, and the extension of via Verdi in Nubia (153 thousand euros) have already been contracted; via Libertà in Dattilo (200 thousand euros); via Martin Pescatore and via Montalto in Nubia (115 thousand euros); via Salinella in Nubia (around 20 thousand euros); all interventions already awarded and now close to completion, such as those for the remaking of the asphalt surface in via Pirandello, Verga and Tommasi di Lampedusa, in Paceco (contract of about 160 thousand euros).

“In the last two years the street lighting has been improved, with the placement of LED lighting fixtures to replace the now obsolete systems, in via Giuseppe Garibaldi in Nubia, and in Dattilo in a stretch of via Libertà, in the Lungaro villa and in the square of the hamlet, in addition to the main streets and the square of Paceco – recalls the commissioner Salvatore Castelli – and the nursery school of Nubia has a new, more decent and functional aspect, because this municipal administration in 2019 has provided for the efficiency energy of the plexus heating system, in addition to carrying out various maintenance and repainting works of the rooms; the replacement of all the school’s windows and doors is currently in the tender phase, with the placement of thermal break windows with anti-accident glass. In addition, a larger school bus was purchased for Nubia, with 36 seats, because the previous vehicle did not have sufficient capacity in relation to the number of students in the village ».

The construction of inclusive playgrounds in the two hamlets is now also near: in particular, the games that will be installed in Dattilo are already ordered, while those destined for Nubia are part of the school contract, with the aim of allowing all children to play without any kind of architectural barriers and in absolute safety.

On the subject of safety, the Mayor Scarcella also highlights how the district of Dattilo was prevented from being covered by torrents of mud, thanks to the repeated cleaning of the Ponte Grande canal prepared by the Administration.

The hamlets were not forgotten even when the free internet access service was enhanced, because the square of Nubia and the headquarters of the Dattilo Proloco were included among the new access points (hotspots).