Over two kilos of cocaine hidden under the car seat: courier arrested at the port

Editorial team 04 September 2021 10:21

He was aboard the liner coming from Naples with 2,260 kilos of cocaine hidden inside the car in which he was traveling. A quantity of drugs that, if placed on the retail market, would have allowed him to achieve earnings of around one million euros. The man, a 41-year-old from Palermo, residing in Arezzo, was surprised and arrested in flagrancy by the financiers of the Provincial Command of Palermo, as soon as he landed at the port. The yellow flames of the first metropolitan operational unit of the Palermo group, together with the anti-drug dog Friction, checked the Alfa Romeo 147 he drove, SA his initials, and found two blocks of drugs under the driver’s seat. The courier, already known to the police for specific precedents, was transferred to Pagliarelli after the usual photo-signaling surveys. Your browser cannot play the video. You must deactivate ad-block to play the video. Mute sound Mute sound Mute sound Activate sound Spot Enable full screen Disable full screen The video cannot be played – please try again later. Wait just a moment … Maybe it might interest you …

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