Over a thousand people attend Siracusa march to protect Dionysian Walls Park

Over a thousand people participated in an awareness event organized by Cantine Pupillo, in collaboration with environmental organizations such as Legambiente, Natura Sicula, Fai sezione di Siracusa, and La Strada del Vino Val di Noto. The event aimed to raise awareness about the historical, archaeological, and natural importance of the Parco delle Mura Dionigiane, the last green area in northern Syracuse. The park has been completely destroyed by recent fires, highlighting the neglect by the authorities responsible for its maintenance. Despite efforts to engage with the authorities, there have been no satisfactory responses to secure the park and prevent future disasters. Carmela Pupillo, the organizer, emphasized the need for better management to mitigate fire risks and protect the archaeological site of Epipoli. While the risk of fires this year is over, the lack of trees and vegetation on the Balza poses a high hydrogeological risk during the upcoming rainy season. Pupillo expressed gratitude towards the participating organizations and the many individuals who joined the event to discover a site that was unfamiliar to many. The fight for the protection and revitalization of the Parco delle Mura Dionigiane will continue in various appropriate channels to ensure it becomes a symbol of the city’s rebirth rather than a neglected and degraded area.

Siracusa, oltre mille persone alla marcia per la salvaguardia del Parco delle Mura Dionigiane

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