Over 250 unsafe items seized in a Chinese shop in the Malaspina district

PALERMO – The Financiers of the Ready Employment Group of Palermo, as part of the intensification of the economic control of the territory ordered by the Provincial Command on product safety, have seized more than 250 items , in a managed business from subjects of Chinese ethnicity.

In particular, the Green Basques, during the inspection carried out in a household items shop located in the Malaspina district in Palermo , found 169 household items , 37 electronic products and 51 toys displayed for sale without the CE mark , without any indication in Italian or further information (manufacturer, importer, place of origin and special instructions and precautions for use).

Therefore the products were seized in violation of the provisions of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206 / 2005) and by sector legislation with reference to electrical equipment (Legislative Decree 86 / 2016) and toys ( Legislative Decree 54 / 2011). Conduct punished with administrative pecuniary sanctions for a total of 5 were also recorded. 882 euro .

The legal representative of the company has been reported to the local Chamber of Commerce .

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The controls of the Fiamme Gialle continue unceasingly throughout the province of Palermo in order to combat all forms of economic illegality, to protect consumers and businesses that operate in compliance with the regulations.