Over 201,000 travelers at Palermo airport for Ferragosto


From 12 to 19 August from Palermo airport "Falcone Borsellino" will travel 201.665 passengers, about 3 percent more (+ 5.840 in absolute value) than last year. The total flights will be 1,440, +3.15 percent compared to the same period in 2018. On August 16, according to the statistics office of Gesap, the Palermo airport management company, it will be the top day with almost 30 thousand travelers and 202 incoming and outgoing flights. "July and August are maintaining very intense levels of passenger traffic and flights – says Giovanni Scalia, CEO of Gesap – We also note that the percentages of travelers and flights grow at the same rate, this means that the planes travel with a load factor (filling index) very high. The statistics also show the growing interest in the territory by tourists, given that two thirds of the …

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