Over 10,000 on strike in Siracusa, high participation by Palermo metalworkers

Today, there was a large representation of the main metalworking companies from Palermo at the general strike organized by Cgil and Uil, from Fincantieri to Sirti, from Sispi to Schindler, from Engineering to SeliKab, Guerrato, and many others. In particular, 70 percent of workers at Fincantieri and Sirti participated, and 100 percent at Schindler and Kone. The secretary general of Fiom Cgil Palermo and Sicily, Francesco Foti, stated that the adherence was very high in all the main Palermo companies, with Fiom’s Rsu. This shows that many are expressing their opposition to the government’s choices regarding pensions, cost of living, constitutional reforms, and are demanding higher wages, extended rights, and opposition to a budget law that doesn’t stop the dramatic impoverishment of workers, retirees, and doesn’t offer a future to the youth.

Sciopero: oltre 10 mila a Siracusa, alta adesione dei metalmeccanici di Palermo

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