Orthopedic hospital congress in Ragusa: Increasing fractures in patients with prostheses.

The 31st regional conference of the Sicilian Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons and Hospital Traumatologists will feature interactive participation from the audience. Doctors present will be able to intervene and discuss possible solutions and intervention methods for clinical cases. The focus of the conference is on periprosthetic and perisynthetic fractures, which are fractures near or around previously implanted synthesis devices or joint prostheses. The conference aims to address the increasing incidence of these fractures due to the aging population and the rise in orthopedic implants. The conference will provide an opportunity for doctors to exchange knowledge and experiences and discuss the challenges faced in the public healthcare system. The event will also address the shortage of medical professionals and propose solutions to the regional health department.

Ortopedici ospedalieri a congresso a Ragusa: in aumento le fratture in pazienti con protesi

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