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Orlando presents the agreement to reorganize the coffers of Palermo

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“It was an opportunity to confirm the financial criticality in which there are over 150 Sicilian municipalities”

PALERMO – Mayor Leoluca Orlando reported the procedural steps and contents of the agreement between the National Government and the Municipality of Palermo to the City Council, which must be signed by the Prime Minister and the Mayor.

“It was an opportunity – said Orlando – to confirm the critical financial condition in which many Italian municipalities and over 150 Sicilian municipalities are still unable to approve the 2021 budget and to detect the particular condition of the Municipality of Palermo which it has a perfectly regular balance sheet as regards debt exposures (unlike other Italian municipalities which have several billion of debt exposure) but which is subject to the provision of sums already at its disposal due to the high level of tax evasion “.

“The agreement – added the mayor – is all well below and within the measures approved by the city council with the resolution of January 31, 2022 containing the financial rebalancing plan, which can be perfectly modified by future administrations unlike what it would take place in the event of failure “.

The mayor reiterated “that the commitments made with the national government concern the commitment to repay a quarter of the sum received from the state in twenty years (a quarter of about 179 million euros)” and pointed out “that an intervention is necessary of the national government to overcome the limited resources provided for in the agreement and to use measures against the city of Palermo similar to those envisaged for large Italian cities such as Rome, Turin and Naples, which each obtained over and even multiples of one billion EUR”.

The mayor asked for this need for action “that the city council, which approved the resolution of January 31st last, should take charge, understanding the need to avoid a disastrous disaster.
This need was also clearly indicated by the national Parliament itself in the State Budget 2022/2024 “.