“Orlando disaster on investee companies, now we need to relaunch”: ilSicilia.it

After almost a decade of Orlando administration, the subsidiaries of the Municipality of Palermo are in disaster: few funds, poor investments, staff reduced to the bone and not valued, with negative consequences on the services to the Palermo people who have to deal with few buses, roads dirty, dark neighborhoods and a city now in disarray. The system of subsidiaries must be refounded and this is what the center-right will do when returning to the government in 2022“.

The coordinator of Brothers of Italy in Palermo, Francesco Scarpinato, which this morning, together with the national deputy of FdI Carolina Varchi, met with the confederal trade unions CGIL, CISL and UIL.

It was a fruitful meeting and it is only the first of a series of moments of confrontation with the social and productive categories of the city – explains -. Palermo needs to turn the page and Fratelli d’Italia is ready to build a serious and effective electoral program. We leave the discussions on the names to others, we start from the programs and for this reason we have registered the perplexities of the unions on the hypothesis of the holding which at the moment is just an empty box. Companies have serious problems of economic and financial balance and it is necessary to secure them, thus planning a solid investment plan that is the indispensable premise for a relaunch that can no longer be postponed.“, Scarpinato concludes.

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