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Orlando attacks Rome on the rebalancing plan, “Context of resource allocation criteria”

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Fire sitting in Town Council to Palermo relating to the agreement between the State and the Municipality on the path of rebalancing plan.
The mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando intervened in the courtroom to define the status of the draft agreement to be sent to Rome.
A hearing in which the mayor reported some doubts regarding the criteria for allocating the resources intended for rebalancing the accounts.
Municipal will start again tomorrow.

Orlando intervenes, the debate starts

Criticisms raised by Orlando above all by comparing what was received by municipalities such as Naples and Turin with respect to the resources allocated to Palermo.
In reconstructing the facts, the Professor started from the much disputed process that followed the act.
“This agreement is within the measures of the budget law 22-24, together with another intervention linked to the Municipalities of Sicily and Sardinia.
This led to the possibility for the Municipality of Palermo to obtain resources.
As known, the Municipality of Palermo does not have a deficit like that of Naples, criterion that I contest given our condition of over-crediting“.

A difference in resources on which the mayor pushes for a review, inviting the City Council to take a clear position on the matter.
“The national government should take charge of an equalization intervention.
I don’t understand why there was an enormous influx of resources for Naples and Turin and for Palermo only 180 million euros“.

During the debate, the mayor also responded to some of the numerous criticisms leveled at the Sala delle Tombidi.
“Over the past two years, I have been able to count on ten city councilors.
On the conditions for the after, we must avoid the failure.
We have thought about personnel and stabilization.
On Amat, we finally have the industrial plan.
I want to remind you that this procedure ended eight days ago.
We have been in the presence, with Article 567, of an innovative procedure.
This is demonstrated by the fact that we have had as many as 20 draft agreements ”.

Stefania Petyx follows the session

A classroom debate that, today, boasts an exceptional guest.
In fact, the correspondent of Striscia La Notizia is among the seats of the public Stefania Petyx.
The journalist made some videos during the speeches of the mayor and some municipal councilors.

Requested withdrawal of the Irpef resolution

At the end of the session, the councilor of Fratelli d’italia Girolamo Russo he asked to withdraw the resolution on income tax.
The same exponent of the center right has placed precise criticisms of the mayor during the classroom confrontation.
“I listened to the mayor’s report, but it seems to me that there is a gap.
He proceeded to make an agreement without the approval of the preparatory resolutions for the rebalancing plan.
One above all is that of the additional personal income tax, one of the most important.
This is why I ask for it to be collected “.
An act on which the session then stalled due to lack of a quorum.

Criticism rains from the opposition

Heavy criticism is raining from the opposition.
The speech of the municipal councilor of the “Oso” group was very hard and very article Ugo Forello, who accused the mayor of having made false statements.
I affirm that you, the mayor, have carried out acts of very serious impropriety.
Documents that you and the general secretary have put in place.
She came to us to represent something that didn’t happen the way she told it.
To say here that this agreement is the result of an agreement between the municipal offices is a lie.
We cannot accept this being said.
To say that it is the result of an agreement between the offices and the City Council is another lie.
You have tried to make fun of the City Council and the citizens of Palermo, as well as to bypass the general accounting “.

The attack on the secretary general

Criticism that Ugo Forello, together with his party colleague Giulia Argiroffi, moves against the secretary general.
“This is the defeat of what you represented five years ago, which is the concept of the team.
Above all, you have failed with respect to the atmosphere you have created in the municipal offices.
She will leave the rubble.
These fractures are difficult to heal.
You have the responsibility of having chosen a general secretary who, instead of creating harmony between the offices, has systematically bypassed them, responding with counter-arguments to an accounting opinion.
Operation that goes beyond its functions and powers “.

“False data entered in the agreement”

An attack that, according to the former pentastellato exponent, will concern the past, present and future of the city.
“The structure has already collapsed.
THE false data intentionally inserted by the secretary general in the rebalancing plan and in the agreement create a very dangerous element for the next administration.
I would have liked to understand how to stagger the collection rate so much, how to solve the problem of the additional personal income tax, given that eight million fewer will arrive and that we will have to take them from there.
On this too, the secretary general never replied.
We had the right to discuss all this before sending the resolution to the national government.
There is nothing compared to the enhancement of assets, investments and rationalization of investee companies “.

Absences among the majority benches

A debate in which there are several absences among the desks of the former majority of the mayor.
Among the few shields raised in favor of the mayor is that of Barbara Evola, who asked the opposition what they have done at the national level to avoid the situation in place today.
“It seems to me that this City Council is a little afflicted by the evil of the time.
Living in an eternal present.
When you are not connected with the past and you live day by day, you not only lose the dimension of the paths but above all there is a difficulty in imagining and building the future..
Why keep repeating for five years that there is a lack of personnel perhaps makes us lose sight of the policies that have been supported by the forces represented here in the national government
, which led to the problems that are then represented in the notes.
But why hasn’t anyone in this room today and represented in Rome done anything? ”.

M5S: “Extreme disappointment with the plan, but also the fault of the Council”

The position expressed by the M5S group leader is divided between two fires Viviana Lo Monaco. “I didn’t like the way the courtroom was plastered.
I wonder when the opinion of the Court of Auditors will arrive on the rebalancing plan.
Anyone who comes will have the right to remodel everything.
On the one hand, I express extreme disappointment.
If we have arrived at this rebalancing plan it is because the Administration has not created the preconditions to avoid certain situations.
There is a lack of control of the subsidiaries, there is often an inertia or lack of coordination between the offices.
Problems that concern the individual but also by those who should govern this complexity.
A lack of control of the territory is evident and one cannot always refer to the lack of economic and human resources.
This organization is fallacious.
Having said that, I believe we have duties.

The pentastellata exponent then expressed all his doubts regarding the conduct of the City Council.
We would have had the duty to understand the urgencies.
Do our part.
There are several resolutions on the agenda.
These are acts that could help the offices to move forward with greater serenity.
There is a part of the responsibility that falls on the City Council.
The election campaign has nothing to do with it.
But on non-partisan acts that concern the city and the common good, must we remain stuck? There is a time for controversy and one to work “.