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Orlando and Miceli together with the reopening of Moltivolti: “We are on the same side”

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A hug, a photo together with a glass of red and a cordial and frank conversation in a low voice, as in a meeting of old friends.
At the reopening of the Moltivolti restaurant and multicultural space among the people of the city left, the mayor Leoluca Orlando and the center-left candidate for the Palermo administration Franco Miceli met and talked for a couple of minutes.
With lots of photos of toast, which seems almost a symbol of relaxation after the nervousness of the last few days, with the mayor who contested the lack of sharing of the primaries in the choice of the candidate and the candidate Miceli ready to follow an autonomous path from the inheritance of the outgoing mayor.

“What did we tell each other? – says the mayor in front of a plate of couscous – that we are on the same side, no problem for me I just said it would be better to do the primary, which now everyone is calling for the Regionals “.

The former Orlandian councilor of the late nineties and former president of the order of architects Franco Miceli shakes hands, toasts and takes selfies in the friendly territory of Moltivolti: “We met after a while as people who know each other and are connected from a friendship relationship.
We reconciled? We have never been to war, the mayor is also a member of the Democratic Party …
Then comes Archbishop Corrado Lorefice who stops to speak with the mayor.

According to the organizers, over two thousand people attended the Moltivolti reopening party in the square which offered a day divided into concerts, a photo exhibition, a barbecue and a final DJ set.