Oratorio di Santo Stefano Protomartire – Palermo

Built at the end of the sixteenth century by the Compagnia di S. Stefano formed by Genoese traders as opposed to the church of S. Giorgio dei Genovesi following a split in the Genoa Nation, and embellished in the eighteenth century with stuccoes by Procopio and Giovan Maria Serpotta dating back to 1755 and paintings, among which, of considerable value are the thirteen stories from the life of Saint Stephen, now preserved in the Diocesan museum. The facade is extremely simple and devoid of significant elements. In the early twentieth century the monument was in severe decay, to the point that it was seized for fear of collapse. In 1998 the Archiepiscopal Curia of Palermo entrusted it to Extroart, which converted it into an International Multimedia Center of Contemporary Art, starting its restoration as an “Open Site” with the creation of exhibitions, concerts, projections and symposia of sculpture, painting, music and architecture.