Oratorio del Carminello – Palermo

Founded in 1605 and decorated, between the end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the following, entirely with stucco. Those of the presbytery and of the long walls with figures of Carmelite saints are roughly made; the others on the entrance wall are of good hand and include two female allegorical figures and, in two tondi supported by angels, two evangelical episodes: “The Rest in Egypt” and “The Nativity” of the Serpottian school.

The oratory has a Latin cross plan. In the presbytery, decorated with gilded stucco, there is a marble altar, under an aedicule with twisted columns which culminates with the sign of the Carmelites. On the sides of the triumphal arch there are two statues of Chastity and Divine Love. Along the side walls there are two wooden altars.

In the floor there is access to the three-level crypt which consists of a room with 34 niches decorated with majolica tiles. There are also wall paintings with floral motifs and the coat of arms of the Carmelites painted on the vault. To this room is connected the colander where the drying of the corpses took place.

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