"Orange" alert, the mayor opens the Civil Protection operations center


The mayor of Agrigento, Lillo Firetto, after having arranged for the closure of all the schools of every order and grade and the opening of the "Coc" hall: municipal operations center of the Civil Protection, asks the inhabitants to "not move during the thunderstorm phenomena from the places and areas considered to be the safest or in any case limit the movements, in particular with private vehicles, to those strictly necessary and avoid traveling on roads potentially subject to landslides. Put in safety all the goods placed in floodable rooms and place your car safe avoiding parking in the areas most at risk ".

In the order of the mayor, Firetto is recommended to "not stand on gangways or bridges or near the banks of the streams, nor in areas close to previous landslides. Do not cross watercourses on foot or by motor vehicles, do not occupy the carriageway of roads that must be left free for the passage of any rescuers. Disconnect the gas and electricity in the event of abandonment of the house due to flooding. Do not occupy rooms on the street level or below the street level, set up bulkheads to protect the rooms on the street level, close the doors of cellars and basements and safeguard movable assets located in floodable rooms ". Indispensable then "to move away from the locality in case you notice the opening of fractures in the ground or in the case you hear rumbles or unusual noises in the surrounding area (especially after particularly intense and prolonged rain events) – continues the union order -. Do not stand below a rocky slope that is not adequately protected (always) or clayey (during and after a rainy event). Get away from the beaches and the coasts and piers during storm surges ".

Firetto reminds all the inhabitants of Agrigento to "pay attention to the indications provided by the authorities through radio, TV, social networks and all other sources of information".

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