Optical fiber works, the Municipality of Messina increases controls – Tempo Stretto

From 1 April two municipal employees will be dedicated exclusively to inspecting the works

Preliminary survey with georadar to check the presence of pipes related to other underground services; excavation priority to be given to the sidewalk and, only where this is not possible, to excavate in the middle of the road obligation to restore excavation with bitumen with a minimum width of 1.40 meters within 30 days of excavation; compliance with the obligation established by the ‘Excavation Decree’ of 1 October 2013 of the complete bitumizing of roads that had been entirely asphalted in the previous twelve months.

This is what is foreseen by the executive decision number 4332 of May 15, 2020 for companies requesting the concession for the laying of the optical fiber.

Unfortunately, so far, there has been no shortage of damage to the underground services. Among the various companies involved, the one with the most concessions is Open Fiber, which will serve 96,000 homes, 56,000 of which have already been covered to date.

The issue was addressed yesterday in the first council commission, chaired by Libero Gioveni. The Councilor for Energy Policies, Francesco Caminiti, and the Head of the Road Maintenance Service, Carmelo Costanzo, explained that the problems occurred due to the lack of personnel dedicated to control and announced that from 1 April “the Road Maintenance service will be integrated by two other units that will be dedicated exclusively to checking and managing the fiber laying works “.

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