"Operation Push Away", dismantled market square: 18 arrests


Extensive police anti-drug operation in the Borgo Vecchio district in Palermo. Dozens of arrests with the operation called "Push Away". The accused are of criminal association aimed at the trafficking of drugs, as well as of production, trafficking and possession of drugs.

The surveys, conducted by the Police and coordinated by the Public Prosecutor's Office – District Anti-Mafia Directorate, were developed through the use of technological tools and traditional investigation techniques. Hundreds of episodes of sale of Hashish and Marijuana documantati since 2017, in some areas of the Borgo Vecchio district, where it was possible to find amazing on the road. The surveys allowed us to shed light on a criminal association of drug dealers, composed of three levels and communicating with each other that operated under the aegis of the Borgo Vecchio mafia family.

The existence of a strong associative bond emerged, witnessed by the existence of a common fund, from the …

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