"Operation Pablito", dismantled drug tour: 8 precautionary measures (vd and ft)


Five months of surveys, eight orders for precautionary measures for drug dealing and possession of drugs. It is the balance sheet of the operation called "Pablito", with which the soldiers of the weapon were able to dismantle the supply chain that supplied the square of Misilmeri with hashish

Three of the suspects were taken to the District Prison of Termini Imerese: Salvatore Baiamonte 47 years old, Matteo Algozzino, 41, and Giuseppe Pizzo of 25; the fourth, Pietro Perez, 31 is under house arrest, while others three suspects have been notified of the precautionary measure of the obligation residence in the municipality of residence, as well as the obligation to report to the judicial police.

The eighth suspect finally, the eighteen year old B.G. however, at the time it was still a minor, it is located in the Malaspina juvenile prison in Palermo.

The investigative activity, conducted by the military of the Misilmeri company …

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