Operation “Market Place” – Praise from the Prefect of Messina to the State Police

Operation “Market Place” – In praise of the Prefect of Messina to the State Police

May 4, 2021

The Prefect Cosima Di Stani expresses deep satisfaction for the brilliant operation conventionally called “Market Place”, conducted in the early hours of today’s morning in the capital city, in the context of which personnel of the Mobile Squad of the State Police carried out an application order of personal and patrimonial precautionary measures against numerous subjects belonging to distinct cells of a branched criminal group dedicated to large trafficking and also to the minute dealing of drugs.

The Prefect, in expressing his personal appreciation to the State Police for the determination and ability to intervene demonstrated also in this circumstance, underlined the importance ofLand operations to prevent and combat crime, aimed at protection of citizens and of legality, even more so at a time, like the present one, in which multiple public establishments and entrepreneurial activities could attract the appetites of criminal organizations.