Operation "Kerkent", special surveillance for Messina and Vetrano


The Court of Palermo – Section I Criminal – Prevention Measures, on the proposal of the Quaestor of Agrigento, Rosa Maria Iraci, on 13.01.2020 issued two decrees implementing the Special Surveillance of P.S. charged to persons deemed socially dangerous.

The following were achieved by the prevention measure:

Both subjects were arrested in March 2019 for a mafia association aimed at the sale of narcotic substances during the judicial police operation called "KERKENT".

The Court of Palermo has held that the investigations carried out show the full inclusion of both subjects in the criminal activity carried out in the lucrative criminal sector of drugs, as well as their intraneity to the organization dedicated to the commission of crimes relating to drugs, to the whose summit was Massimino Antonio.

Both subjects reached by the P.S. Special Surveillance measure with an obligation to stay, they had criminal relationships with people who operated or are part of a mafia context.

The Court held – accepting the request from the Quaestor – that the Vetrano Francesco played a role that was by no means secondary in the illicit trade in narcotic drugs to be destined for the illicit transfer and that Messina Valentino played the role of stable purchaser of narcotic drug to be destined dealing and that both are socially dangerous subjects.

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