Operation Dirty Cars, house arrest of two brothers lifted

The provision of the Court of Palermo

The fifth section of the Court of Palermo chaired by Donatella Puleo revoked the house arrest of the brothers Carmelo and Gaetano Cangemi who had been arrested in February in the Dirty Cars operation.

According to the investigations of the carabinieri of the Misilmeri company, two brothers, defended by the lawyers Gioacchino Arcuri and Riccardo Bellotta, would have been at the head of an organization that allegedly cheated insurance companies for about one million euros.

The court ordered the extent of the obligation to stay in Palermo for the two brothers and the obligation not to leave home from 21 to 7 in the morning. The base of the gang would have been the parking lot of a hotel in the Foro Italico area. The investigations started from the analysis of a Facebook profile called “the cuckold of Palermo”.

From the analysis of the conversations the carabinieri learned that there were those who spoke of the recycling of cars stolen in Naples and transported to Palermo. Among the cars that ended up in the investigation a Ferrari 348 Testarossa and a Range Rover.

Between the reports of theft and the discovery of the car, the insurance agencies have already paid the compensation. Then we went to the handling agencies where the cars were registered with new number plates and new documents and then resold a second time as new luxury cars that always have a market such as Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, Range Rover and Smart.

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