Opera Gala of the July Musicale Trapanese dedicated to Renata Tebaldi

The 2022 symphonic season of the July Musicale Trapanese continues, Monday 8 August, at 9.00 pm, at the open air theater “Giuseppe Di Stefano”, with an extraordinary Gala dedicated to Renata Tebaldi, on the occasion of the anniversary of her birth. One of the greatest Italian opera singers, one of the most striking artistic expressions in the history of melodrama in the world. The absolute world prestige that from 1944 to 1976 was attributed to Renata Tebaldi transformed her into an Italian symbolic figure on a par with the greatest artists in the history of culture of every era.
The protagonists of the Gala Tebaldi will be the soprano Marta Mari, the tenor Giuseppe Infantino, the baritone Jan Zadlo.
On the podium, Aldo Sisillo will conduct the Orchestra del Luglio Musicale Trapanese. The repertoire of the evening will range from Bizet to Mozart to Verdi’s masterpieces and even music by Boito, Mascagni, Rossini, Puccini.
Also this year the July Musicale Trapanese dedicates a lyrical gala to a famous protagonist of Italian melodrama whose anniversary falls and whose, between one aria and another, the fundamental stages of the artistic path will be retraced: in 2021 the Gala it was dedicated to the tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano to whom the theater is named.

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