“Open vax day” for students, families and school staff

Editorial staff 05 September 2021 08:08

“The hub at your home”, that is the proximity vaccination campaign, today, from 10 to 17, arrives at the “Leonardo” high school in Viale Della Vittoria. There will be a team from the vaccination hub of the Palacongressi – made up of doctors, nurses and professionals – able to offer counseling, medical history, administration of the Pfizer vaccine and relaunch of the vaccination certificate to all those who have not yet had the opportunity to access vaccination services already present in the area. The news is given by the head of the Biomedical address of “Leonardo”, Carmelo Sgarito. Vaccines “on the road” in the places of nightlife, doctors in action at Porta di Ponte Interested parties must have a health card and in the case of minors the presence of the two parents will be required. In the event that one of the two parents is unable to accompany their child, a specific proxy must be presented on a specific model. The Open vax day was planned to deal with the reopening of the school in a synergic and proactive way and to allow a safe return. The ASP in collaboration with the Municipality of Agrigento and with school administrators – in this case, Patrizia Pilato – has set up an “Open vax day” program aimed at students, families and school staff. The head of the vaccination hub, as well as medical director of the Epidemiology service, Calogero Collura, also signed the initiative today.

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