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The Italian Touring Club opens from Friday 17 June to Sunday 19 June 2022 two wonderful treasures of Palermo.
Open for you under the stars”Will offer the opportunity to discover the Church of Santa Maria in Valverde and the Church of San Giorgio dei Genovesi.
Timetables, all the details and how to participate.

Open for you of the Italian Touring Club

Thanks to the volunteers of the Italian Touring Club, many beauties throughout Italy will be accessible to all.
Even the city of Palermo participates in the initiative “Open for you under the stars“, Revealing two real treasures: for the visits it is not necessary to book and it will be enough to give a free offer.

Friday 17, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June are scheduled preview visits to the Church of Santa Maria in Valverde and the Church of San Giorgio dei Genovesi (below you will find the details of the opening hours and days).
Two real ones treasureswhich enrich the beautiful even more architectural and cultural heritage of the city.

Church of San Giorgio dei Genovesi

There Church of San Giorgio dei Genovesi (in Piazza San Giorgio dei Genovesi), will be open Friday 17, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June, from 17 to 20.
This building was built between 1575 and 1596, in district of the Loggiaclose to the new pier, which the Senate of Palermo had decided to build in order to modernize the port.

Has a floor plan with three naves, with side chapels embedded in the wall thickness.
An ambitious project, both economically and architecturally, that only the most important religious orders could adopt in the P.alermo of the sixteenth century.
Today this church is considered the most authoritative example of Palermo’s Renaissance architecture.

Inside the tombstones and marble aedicules testify to the competition existing between the richest Genoese families.
Recently, and after a restoration, the paintings that decorated the newsstands have been relocated to the church, testimony to how much Palermo was already a cosmopolitan city, in which exchanges with the rest of Italy were raging.

Church of Santa Maria in Valverde

There is only the day of Sunday 19 Junefrom 5 pm to 8 pm, to visit the Church of Santa Maria in Valverde, (Piazza Cavalieri di Malta.
This building, annexed in the 14th century to a large Carmelite monastery, was the subject, starting from 1633, of a transformation devised by Mariano Smiriglio.

Smiriglio, the first official architect of the Palermo Senate, took care of it following the donation of a rich Genoese man for the entry of his only daughter at the Valverde Monastery.
At the end of the seventeenth century the continuation of the construction and the decorative project were entrusted to Paolo Amato.

The interior of the church has a rectangular hall with semicircular presbytery and choir at the entrance supported by a large arch.
The sub-choir was frescoed in 1750 by Olivio Sozzi.
On the side walls there are four altars, richly decorated with mixed marbles.
The most important is dedicated to Saint Lucia.
The church, in decline after the suppression of the conventual order, reopened in 1872.

The church was seriously damaged during the bombing of the Second World War.
The first restoration works date back to the period between 1979 and 1980.
In 1997 it was reopened for worship.
The altarpiece of Pietro Novelli of the Madonna del Carmelo, with Saints Teresa of Avila and Maria Maddalena dei Pazzi and the blessed Alberto and Angelo da Licata.

The events of the Italian Touring Club

Open for you under the stars”Is the result of the more than ten-year experience of the Aperti per Voi initiative of the Italian Touring Club.
Since 2005, over 19 million visitors have been welcomed; today there are over 2000 volunteer members active throughout Italy and 82 places open in 33 Italian cities in 13 regions.
All the planned initiatives are in support, with donation, of the Aperti per Voi project.

Photo by Tango7174 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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