Open day in their fifties, record vaccinations in Messina

by Michele Bruno – Vaccinations for the 50-59 age group have just begun in Sicily, and in Messina it is already a record. 4596 vaccinations throughout the Province in three days of vaccines without reservation for those with a disease that allows them to be among the “fragile”. An excellent result given that in the previous days there were only about 3000 doses per day. Probably, to affect was the fact that the vaccines administered are Pfizer and Moderna, ie those with messenger RNA. Therefore, as far as can be deduced, the mistrust towards the Astrazeneca serum continues. In addition to this, there is also the openness to subjects with pathologies usually considered not serious, such as hypertension. From May 13, however, it will be the turn for all the others, with the Anglo-Swedish vaccine. In the meantime, you can already book.

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