only Romina Lupo competing

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 10:34

Share Vincenza Romina Lupo, 42, is the only candidate for the position of mayor of San Cipirello, the municipality dissolved for mafia infiltration two years ago. Excluded from the race for the next municipal elections, which will be held on 10 and 11 October, the former deputy mayor Claudio Russo. The list that supported his candidacy was excluded from the electoral competition for irregularities. “We are currently the only ones in the running to administer San Cipirello and for this – says Lupo – we regret those who worked like us to make their contribution to their country. Our admiration goes to them because like us they did not give up. , as we believe that social peace and the return of democracy can be achieved for San Cipirello. We all have only one interest: the common good of San Cipirello and the people of San Gimignano “. La Lupo is a lawyer and has a previous experience in politics behind her: she was a municipal councilor in San Giuseppe Jato where she lived until 2008, when she married and moved to San Cipirello, where she still lives with her husband and their daughter. It is supported by the civic list Objective common good. “After the years of commissioner, I want to make available – the candidate mayor clarifies – my professional experience and my political passion to give our community a stable government and in contact with the citizens. San Cipirello needs administrators present to turn to. and who know the peculiarities, problems and potential of this territory “.

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