only eight new cases, but one death and one hospitalization

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 11:16

Share Coronavirus, there are eight new positives and one new death in the province. This is stated in the daily bulletin of the provincial health authority, which also indicates a new hospitalization. The dead man was originally from Canicattì: the city of Uva Italia today has 43 victims, the highest number in the province. On the other hand, 48 people recovered. The situation in hospitals There are 23 (stable) people hospitalized in ordinary / sub-intensive hospitalization. Of these, 18 are located at the “San Giovanni di Dio” in Agrigento and 1 at the “Fratelli Parlapiano” in Ribera. Four of them (another stable figure) are instead hospitalized in hospitals outside the province. Two people from Agrigento (stable data) who remain hospitalized in intensive care, both in Ribera. No patient is in a lowcare facility. Data Municipality by Municipality Agrigento: 24 (-4); Bivona: 3 (stable data); Cammarata: 2 (stable); Campobello di Licata: 17 (-1); Canicattì: 80 (-3); Casteltermini: 6 (stable figure) and they are all migrants in isolation in a reception facility; Castrofilippo: 7 (stable); Cattolica Eraclea: 3 (stable figure); Favara: 16 (-1); Caves: 5 (stable data); Licata: 41 (-17); Montallegro: 2 (stable data); Memphis: 6 ( 2); Naro: 1 (stable); Palma di Montechiaro: 37 ( 2); Porto Empedocle: 37 (-1); Racalmuto: 6 (-1); Raffadali: 7 (stable data); Ravanusa: 13 (-1); Realmonte: 3 (stable); Ribera: 15 (stable data); San Biagio Platani: 2 (stable); San Giovanni Gemini: 4 (stable); Santo Stefano Quisquina: 1 (stable); Sciacca: 9 (-2); Siculiana: 6 (-1) are all infected and isolated migrants in “Villa Sikania”. Common “Covid free” Aragon, Alessandria della Rocca, Burgio, Camastra, Caltabellotta, Comitini, Cianciana, Calamonaci, Lucca Sicula, Montevago, Joppolo Giancaxio, Sambuca di Sicilia, Santa Elisabetta, Santa Margherita di Belìce, Sant’Angelo Muxaro and Villafranca Sicula. On the other hand, 39 (-16) migrants are currently in quarantine on reception ships.

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