only 77.2% completed the vaccination course

In the last 30 days, among people over-80 the hospitalization rate among unvaccinated subjects is 9 times higher than in fully vaccinated, i.e. with two doses: the rate is in fact 187.8 versus 21.1 hospitalizations per 100 thousand inhabitants. The rate of intensive hospitalization is 15 times lower in the vaccinated (1.0 versus 14.6). The data emerges from the extended surveillance report published by the Higher Institute of Health (Iss), which completes the weekly monitoring.

The report also highlights that the death rate is fifteen times higher in the unvaccinated than in the full cycle vaccinated (5.3 vs 0.3 per 100,000 population). The importance of completing the vaccination cycle with the two doses is then confirmed. The effectiveness in preventing hospitalization rises to 84.1% for vaccination with an incomplete cycle and to 93.9% for that with a full cycle. The efficacy in preventing ICU admissions is 90.8% for incomplete course vaccination and 96.0% for full course vaccination. Finally, the efficacy in preventing death is 84.0% for the incomplete course vaccination and 96.6% for the full course vaccination. Most of the cases notified in the last 30 days in Italy were therefore diagnosed in unvaccinated people. In the period considered, 25.9% of the diagnoses of Sars-Cov-2, 37.9% of hospitalizations, 50.6% of admissions to intensive care and 51.1% of deaths in the over 80s were occurred among those who did not receive any dose of the vaccine. As for vaccination coverage, says the ISS, as of September 1, in Italy, 91.9% of the over 80s have completed the vaccination cycle. In all Regions / PA, vaccination coverage for this age group is greater than 80%, with the exception of Calabria and Sicily , where only 78.1% and 77.2% respectively completed the vaccination course. In the age groups 70-79 years and 60-69 years, complete vaccination coverage with two doses is respectively around 88.2% and 83.2%. The vaccination coverage of the over-12 population is 79.4% for at least one dose of vaccine and 70.8% for the complete vaccination cycle. The report also highlights the increase in the median age of subjects who contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection (34 years). And while the increase in incidence slows in the 10-29 age group, there is an increase in cases in the older age groups with a slight increase in the hospitalization rate as well. The observed increase in incidence since mid-June has led to a slight increase in the weekly hospitalization rate per 1,000,000 population since early July. In this week, there was an increase in the hospitalization rate for all age groups with a variability ranging from 9 cases per 1,000,000 inhabitants for the
range 10-19 to 120 cases per 1,000. 000 inhabitants for the over-90s. (source: ANSA).

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