One-year-old heart patient arrives from Burundi to be treated in Sicily

«The new year begins under the banner of solidarity. Today, with a humanitarian operation, a one-year-old heart patient Elky arrived directly from Burundi and was received in an extraordinary way by the pediatric cardiac surgery team of the Taormina hospital directed by Dr. Agati whom I sincerely thank”. This was announced by the regional commissioner of the DC, Totò Cuffaro.

“Elky, who will soon be operated on, demonstrates that Sicilian healthcare expresses international excellence which is a reference for saving lives and guaranteeing a good quality of life for those in difficulty”, he continues. «In particular, I thank Ciccio, nurse, who managed from the first moment to make Elky and his mother feel more than welcome, together with Dr. Michele Saitta and Dr. Andriani. Sicily and Sicilians, in addition to their great skills, express a unique sense of hospitality and humanity and best wishes to everyone for a happy new year», concludes Totò Cuffaro.

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