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One year after the tragedy of Viviana and Gioele, tears and anger of family members: “We do not give up”

Tears and determination. One year after the tragic death of Viviana Parisi and her little son Gioele, the Mondello family continues to ask that full light be shed on what happened in the Caronia wood. In Venetico the mass and then the torchlight procession that gathered relatives and friends alongside father Daniele, the first to wear the white T-shirt with the eloquent words “Truth and Justice”.

A will shouted immediately by the family members and which now acquires even more force after the request for dismissal of the investigations, formulated to the investigating judge by the prosecutor Angelo Cavallo in those seven pages that summarize various hypotheses including that of murder-suicide. But none of the family members, represented by the lawyers Pietro Venuti and Claudio Mondello, believe that Viviana may have killed Gioele and after having chosen to die by jumping from the pylon. “I’m not giving up – says father Daniele – today we remember Viviana and Gioele and we want justice, I will do everything to get it. I have broad shoulders to go on, everything is based only on hypotheses and I remain convinced that Viviana did not kill my son. I’ll probably get more mud given the chat posting, but I’m ready for anything. ” Then the outburst of Daniele Mondello in remembering that dramatic day. “I learned that my wife died in a time slot that goes from 12 to 20 and I was in the barracks with the police and I could not do anything. This is one of the things that hurt me the most”. On the one hand, the desperation of family members, on the other the work of their lawyers and consultants chosen to shed light on the matter. The lawyer Claudio Mondello starts from the many obscure points and from what at the moment are only hypotheses. “The Public Prosecutor did everything by itself, proposing different causes of death for Joel up to the murder. Nothing is known about the child, there is no probability of a possible infanticide. In our legal system, one is guilty only beyond any reasonable doubt. Then Viviana would have taken off a shoe, got herself a bite, managing to climb up a hot trellis, throw herself down and fall, without hair. The Prosecutor ignores everything she cannot explain. opposition to the filing request. Before the funeral we await the ruling of the investigating judge on our request to be able to review the bodies together with our consultants Carmelo Lavorino and Antonio Della Valle “. Meanwhile, the people of Venetico ideally embraced the Mondello family. Touching the words of Don Cleto D’agostino who celebrated mass in the municipal villa and invited everyone to pray, also recalling the same words of faith pronounced by Viviana Parisi shortly before dying. The former carabiniere Giuseppe Di Bello also listened to the homily, who on 19 August found the remains of Joel in the wood of Caronia. “I am here for Daniele and his family, if it hadn’t been for the research that day the baby would not have been found. I am still upset after a year, I have seen many deaths during my career but when it comes to a baby is different “. The long applause accompanied the flight of the balloons while family and friends lit the candles, positioned above the banner with the faces of Viviana and Gioele. Daniele wanted to pay homage to his loved ones with a video made for the occasion in which his music was the setting for the photos projected on a screen.