one hundred new immigrants in a few hours

A nice evening outdoors, in the company of friends, a pizza and some vaccine. A good first for the initiative of the commissioner for the management of the Covid emergency in Palermo in partnership with Confcommercio. #NoVaccinesNo left last night at the La Braciera restaurant-pizzeria in Villa di Villa Lampedusa, he registered more than one hundred new immunized people, many of whom received their first dose of anti-Covid serum.

We started with the workers of the catering company; among the newly vaccinated, also the coach of the football team Don Carlo Misilmeri, Corrado Mutolo, chaired by the owner of the restaurant and president of Fipe Confcommercio Palermo, Antonio Cottone. Present at the evening, in addition to the Covid Commissioner of the Metropolitan City of Palermo Renato Costa, also the president of Confcommercio Palermo Patrizia Di Dio together with some members of the junta.

A pairing that is liked, that of pizza and vaccine, after the success of the first #AperiVax at the Nautoscope a few days ago. It was the first appointment with vaccines in a company associated with Confcommercio, as part of the collaboration between the commissioner and the Palermo trade association, which began several weeks ago. Two formulas are proposed: facilitated vaccination courses, individual or collective, for the workers of the companies associated with Confcommercio, at the hub of the Mediterranean Fair, or the doctors and nurses of the commissioner directly in the company to vaccinate. For now, most companies have used the first vaccination formula. La Braciera in Villa instead wanted a vaccination station inside the restaurant to be set up for one evening. The evening was also attended by actor Sergio Vespertino, who took advantage of #NoVacciniNo you leave to have a family member immunized.

We appreciated not only the more pleasant and light atmosphere, but also the simplicity and speed of the operation: customers found a specific QR code for immunization at the dinner table. Framing it, the screen of the booking platform of the Mediterranean Fair opened. Few personal data to enter and the user sent his request, first receiving an email confirming the reservation and then another communication announcing his turn. He could thus go to the doctors’ camper, a stone’s throw from his table, for the medical history and the vaccine.

“The pandemic has cost companies too much – says Patrizia Di Dio, president of Confcommercio Palermo -. We are here to do more than our duty, to make people understand how important it is to have faith in medicine, because this can mean returning to normal life and no longer putting companies at risk. There were no vaccines last year; this year they are there and so let’s all get vaccinated. Companies make their spaces available to all those who, out of a sense of responsibility towards themselves and the community, want to get immunized and protect themselves ”.

Satisfied the Covid Commissioner of the Metropolitan City of Palermo, Renato Costa, who is investing in the “double track” bet: on the one hand, a functional hub for vaccines, tampons and green passes; on the other, proximity immunization, to bring the vaccine to people.

“This strategy works – says Costa -. We want to enable people to get vaccinated in every context, from the museum to the restaurant, also to ensure that the vaccine is increasingly perceived as a natural gesture. We are achieving results that perhaps we expected but which still gratify us. We note that, for many, the problem is not that they are openly against the vaccine, but that they do not have the time or the way to do it, so they always end up postponing. With proximity vaccinations we are able to intercept these slices of the population, who above all want to get immunized quickly and comfortably. Among all the campaigns we are carrying out, from ‘Beside the last’ to the #VacciniTour in the province, from #VaccinArte to #AperiVax and #NoVacciniNoRiparti, we have already reached thousands of people ”.


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