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A work worth 100 million euros. The tender for the design of the new large road connecting Mare Monti in Sicily has started, a road that has been talked about for years but which has not yet seen the start of the process. An achievement that will take years but that the Musumeci government already considers a historic turning point in the words of the Councilor for Infrastructure “We are about to write a page of history for infrastructures in the Agrigento area”.

A work of 100 million

“With the new” Maremonti “road, a one hundred million euro work, we will redesign the road layout of a large area that from Santo Stefano Quisquina, on the Sicani, slopes down to the Ribera area and the Mediterranean shore”, he says. the regional councilor for infrastructures Marco Falcone, commenting on the determination to contract with which the manager of the regional technical department, Salvatore Lizzio, authorizes the civil engineering department to publish the tender to design the new “Maremonti” road.

The track

The infrastructure will connect the state roads 189 “Valle del Platani” and 118 “Corleonese Agrigentina”, which run inland, with the state road 115 “Sicilian South-West” in the section between Agrigento and Ribera. The “Maremonti” will serve a demographic and socio-economic basin of ten municipalities: Bivona, Lucca Sicula, Santo Stefano Quisquina, Alessandria della Rocca, Cianciana, Calamonaci, Villafranca, Burgio and Ribera.

Race published next week

“For the small municipalities of the area, which for years have cultivated this aspiration – continues Falcone – the“ Maremonti ”will mean being able to leave a condition of chronic peripheralization, to embrace a future of greater efficiency of connections and increased usability of the territory. Within next week, the Civil Engineers of Agrigento will be able to publish the tender, then between September and January 2022 there will be the awarding and development of the design. In the meantime – he concludes – the Musumeci government will ensure financial coverage and so, after decades of vain wait, the work will come out of the dream book to become a kept promise ”.

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