Onda: “in Palermo we go to elections, the Orlando Project is shipwrecked”

The Executive of the capital of the island takes a position on the recent crisis at Palazzo delle Aquile asking for the cancellation of the junta and new elections as soon as possible. Onda – the regionalist movement founded by Hon. Pulara – with its provincial executive takes the measures and describes what for them is only the shadow of a never successful plan. The perennial chaos within the majority, begins Riccardo Maiorca, regional youth commissioner of Onda, must be clearly analyzed for what it is: the attempt to seek political compromise with a Mayor who immediately appeared “tired”. Prof. Orlando certainly has many qualities but the time has come to move beyond his latest project, bankruptcy in the eyes of his own fellow citizens and, perhaps, also in the eyes of those who initially supported him. Of the two, one – concludes Maiorca – is either perfectly aware of the fact that those around him want to cannibalize his vision by making it his own and rise to the fore or is convinced that he can carry on something that a few months after the end of his mandate as Mayor, for today, it has not yet built. Both are unacceptable, we ask that you leave the helm of a ship that is going nowhere, cooperate for a decisive but real transition. The entire board, continues the note, constantly recalls the lack of incisiveness of this latest local government project: from the endless construction sites, to the ineffective response to the pandemic, to city emergencies (waste and cemeteries) that have ceased to be emergencies and are become constant. Under the magnifying glass there is, we read, not only the Mayor but also a junta perhaps too involved on the ideological level and not very much on the practical level; the Project that supported Orlando in these terms and with these results must be closed. To administer the fifth city of Italy, the Hon. Pullara, can only be done with a broad consensus, at all levels, without jolts and with a clear and shared vision. I am sorry to have to note that the Professor, although a builder of many good things, was unable to complete the work. Certainly – concludes the Honorable – the responsibility must be shared among all the members of the Board and among those who supported the project (to be seen later in what terms), but it must be the Mayor himself who finally acknowledges it and takes a step back, symptom of great intellectual honesty.

Palermo, continues the choral note of the Board, may still need the experience of the man Orlando but it is time to solve chronic problems in Palermo, respond to the needs of the citizens and, above all, avoid institutional skirmishes and decision-making coups. The last tear with IV, continues the note, is proof that everyone, without exception, inside the Palazzo delle Aquile is fighting a personal war in view of the next elections, forgetting the city. We do not want to enter into stale party oppositions – concludes the Board – and to which we are sadly accustomed, but it is now clear that the centralization of power on the one hand and the constant attacks on man and a project never shared on the other, they are wearing down a city already tried by the health and social tragedy of covid19. Let’s go to elections and stop this not very constructive show that damages those who want concrete answers from politics and not proofs of strength and rhetoric exercises.

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