“Once upon a time, seven bastards…”, Salvo Piparo’s monologue against violence towards women

Once upon a time, there were seven troublemakers who were thought to be innocent by their parents. However, when they were together, they acted mischievous and one night they decided to disgrace Gea, the Earth. They did and said so much that they made her drink and watered her so much that she seemed drunk, and to top it off, they took away her fragrance. But then the incident was discovered, and the seven troublemakers felt no shame. Instead of confronting the accusation head-on, they sought revenge. Salvo Piparo, a modern storyteller, believes that the stage is a platform to speak up. So, at the opening of the SiMuA and CoopCulture festival’s second edition, he addressed the rape incident at Foro Italico in his unique way. He delivered an ancient-style invective, imbued with the rhythm of the Oreto River, with a language borrowed from the ancestral past and loaded with meaning. His invective received a long applause from the audience. Piparo describes it as a “Scordabolario” that takes on the form of current events, with storytellers reinterpreting the present with history. This was a more powerful and poignant Scordabolario than usual. Piparo concludes by acknowledging the recent events in Palermo, stating, “Tonight, we didn’t want to play around because things have happened in Palermo, and we know it.”

“C’erano una volta sette bastardoni…”, monologo di Salvo Piparo contro la violenza sulle donne

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