Once again the day center for autistic children is stopped Cittadinanzattiva asks for the intervention of the prefect

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Yet another stop for the construction, at the premises of the Marine Complex of Mortelle, of the first day center for children with autism spectrum disorder.
According to what was announced by Cittadinanzattiva, in fact, the process for the birth of the center, initiated by the former Commissioner Leonardo Santoro, has undergone a new setback with the establishment of the new Administration.
This prompted the association to write to the Prefect Cosima Di Stani so that he can intervene to break the deadlock that has arisen.

“We hereby ask that your Excellency – reads a letter from Cittadinanzattiva addressed to the Prefect – summon the mayor of Messina, Dr.
Federico Basile, to the Prefecture […] with the aim of representing the terms of the draft agreement between the institutional actors and to continue the process initiated by Commissioner Santoro.

“It represents that the patient family associations have asked for a meeting with the newly elected mayor of Messina officially and shortly without registering any response and / or availability for the continuation of the time schedule to date, given that the manager De Francesco has already prepared a draft of the agreement for signature.

“The birth of the day center for autistic children, at the Marino complex of Mortelle, represents a real need for families and children who, to date, cannot use the service at the Center of Nice, Barcelona, ​​Naso due to lack of places or have to , several times a week, subject the children, already suffering from their pathology, to a long journey by car or bus to reach the centers that are many kilometers away from the Municipality of Messina ”.

Sicilian news 2022-06-30 14:10:00

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